Drive solutions based on hydraulic and/or pneumatic systems are used in automotive and aeronautical engineering, in mechanical and plant engineering. The last few decades have seen a significant increase in the complexity of these systems. Innovative companies involved in developing complex and versatile components for fluid technology have a decisive role to play in this field.

As an expert partner and wholesaler, Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH is your point of contact for all queries relating to hydraulics, hose, pipe connection and fixing systems, for centralised lubrication applications as well as general industrial use.

We also operate at a sufficient scale to support global companies in the area of hydraulics and pneumatics. At the same time, a clearly arranged corporate structure means we are small enough to guarantee customers extreme flexibility and a service-oriented mindset.

Along with a high level of personal commitment, this is backed up by:

  • a perfectly trained and highly motivated team
  • an innovative product portfolio that is perfectly matched to its intended applications
  • the highest level of production and service quality
  • an express service available on request
  • stringent quality control

To keep things flowing smoothly, take a look at what Karl Heitz Industrievertretungen GmbH can do for your business ...

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